Just feel like I need to TESTIFY. I got in trouble at work for letting an inmate use my cell phone and some more stuff that i dont want to get into. So they had a meeting with the mayor and council and gave me 2 weeks off work without pay. "i work for the city of Satsuma". I didnt work for the first week. I went to work with a good friend of mine Allen Still on a boat catching flounder. It was hard work but it was kinda fun at the same time. We went out that night and put the net in the water then we went to sleep on the boat. We had been praying a blessing, that God would come through in a major way. Too make a long story short we caught 1230 lbs of fish! He said the average amount of fish he would catch a night was 200 lbs. I made more money in one night than i make working for the city in 2 weeks! God really impressed me with this one for i haven't seen him more in this way in a long time. Just like 3 weeks before we started paying tithes again. We had been struggling real bad with our finances and then i got 2 weeks without pay. But God came through and it was awesome. I knew the whole time that it was coming. To Jah be praise!


A few days before that a man called me up asking me if would want to be in a battle of the bands contest, the entry fee was $50 but the grand prize was $500. I told him that i had kinda fell on hard times and i wasnt able to come up with the $50 but i would come and perform for free and not be in the running for the prize money. He said well see and that was that. The next week "after the fish" he called me and asked if I still wanted to do it. I told him i didnt have the money still. He said some of the band dropped and had already paid their money. He said one of them said that they would sponsor me. He asked would I come and i said sure thing. I went and did a soundcheck and the hired sound techs we pretty rude with us. That kinda discouraged me cause i knew that the sound was gonna be all outt wack. And sure thing it was. Our mics we up too loud and the music was too low. We walked outside and prayed "God i know i am here for a reason, You booked this thing, I had nothing to do with it, So with that in mind do what you are gonna do." We walked inside and performed the sound was not good. In the middle of the set I told everyone a littll bit of my testimony and the reason I was doing the rap was to reach lost soouls. All the band performed, they were real good. At the end they called all the bands on stage "i just knew my friends band won, they were real good". They did a clapping thing like on Apallo. I got the lowest clap :0(. But they said give them a min so all the judges could walk backstage and talk about who the winner would be. They said second place to Blue Eyes Beauty" I was like whoa... Then they said that the first place winner was"TRUTHSEEKAH!!!!!". I was so shocked. It was a real blessing. 500 dollars to me and my family. The funny this was that, our only car was in the shop and we did not have the money to get it out. And by winning this event I now had the money.Me in the fellas got in the car and chilled. I started pouring my heart in awe of HaShem to the fellas. I started crying. God set this show up. I had nothing to do with it. He booked it!!!! He tracked me down for a blessing. I didnt know how i was gonna get they money for bills "the fishing trip". I didnt know how i was gonna get they ends to get my car out of the shop "the battles of the bands". I was just crying in amazement of Him. I hadn't seen Him move in this way for me in a long time. He is awesome!!!!