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Open Healing Session w/ Kristy Lee & Kathleen Marsh

Open Healing Session w/ Kristy Lee & Kathleen Marsh

This will be a podcast directed toward healing and sharing wisdom hosted by Kathleen Marsh and Kristy Lee
During the event Kathleen and Kristy Lee provide a special group Healing. Callers will be given an opportunity to receive individual healing that will always leads to great benefits to all who attend and a short loving kindness share at closing.
It is a honor to co-create this healing event with you. Be sure and join in! It is a Healing event you will not want to miss.

An open-line show dedicated to helping you grow in your spiritual awakening and your intellectual conscious thought process. Join us as we bring out esoteric overstanding to help us unlock the kingdom within.

We Will Be Streaming LIVE!
The Chat Room Will Be Open!
? Call In With Your Questions or Comments
Call In # (724) 444-7444 - Call ID: 78643 Pin # 1

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