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  • I remember hearing about them a few times but never cared to understand who they are. I am curious now, I must admit. Just based on them once having power makes me question what changed or what they could have done to become less powerful in state and government affairs.

  • Well I may have found what I will be doing all weekend! As I mentioned I am new to a lot of these so I love reading and watching topics, specially for current times. I will check it out here in a bit. Thanks for sharing it Dave!

  • Fear. People hate out of fear. People are afraid that if they are right then they will have to face hell some day and most people don’t want to deal with that so they lash out in hate and anger. We all have fears but perfect love casts out fear. When I say that to people, more often than not, they love it but ask where it is from… I tell them…[Read more]

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    I actually just seen something about this on Facebook! Some woman was going off on Hillary being the anti-christ. I find it funny how people thing that someone like this HAS to be in the US. Why can’t it be elsewhere?

  • Hmm I never really thought about it like that. Like I see religion as a way people use to cope with life. Like most of them are about doing good in one form or another and you are right, in return they get rewarded. I agree though… the true God (the God is love, love is God being) is nothing like that. He loves with unconditional love meaning no…[Read more]

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    Oh yes! I love to. I do it at least 3 times a week. I want to be able to do it daily but it is hard to find the time and a peaceful moment when you live with 4 other people. Our house is constantly awake and making noise because someone is either getting ready for work/school or just getting home. I managed to work my way around all their…[Read more]

  • I believe it is. A lot like what Dave said actually. Like it is almost in the laws of creation. That is why you hear a lot of people talking about giving something to the universe. It is their way of lending good “karma” to later receive it.

  • The easiest way I have ever been exampled about them is to think of them as balancing points in the body. When one is not lined up, the rest of the body will be out of sync. You want to have them always centered and in perfect rhythm with each other.

  • I always felt that dreams were just my subconscious mind venting or breathing in a sense. Like most people aren’t aware of the thoughts or anything in subconscious so when we dream, it tends to allow it to take control.

  • I might like into this more. I remember someone at my school talking about it but I never really actually read what it was. It sounds amazing. It would make sense to keep things like this from people if you want them to stay sick and need medication.

  • Since this is a bit on the subject… What about the things people say to us.. Like when someone says to you “You look sick”.. What if you believe their words? Do you then become sick?

  • I have used oils for many things and I am shocked more people aren’t using them. They are heavily concentrated so are quite cheap. It is always best to get organic and use the right oils to dilute them as well. I stick with coconut, olive, almond oils depending on what I am using them for. I also use castor oil for topical applications.

  • I think people tend to overreact with stuff like this. YES it is bad but you would have to be exposed to it on a daily basis and at high levels. If you don’t drink the tap water, you are already cutting so much out of your system.

  • It would seem to me that the juice would just cause issues with the enamel no? I mean that is all I ever heard about. Don’t drink juice or soda, it ruins your teeth! Yet at the same time… I know people who drink nothing but juice and soda and have better teeth than I do and I only drink tea and water. I really don’t know.

  • Sam P. replied to the topic Oxytocin in the forum Health & Wellness 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    I actually learned about this from a friend who studies natural medicine. Many people believe that this hormone or “love chemical” as they call it can actually help in healing the body from just about anything! So when they say laughter is the best medicine, I think they should really be saying hugs are the best medicine!

  • I’m not sure how I feel about these “bloodlines”. It would seem logical that a small number of people who the world with power and wealth BUT there has to be at least a few thousand of them… right? No way only like 50 people can handle this amount of work. Unless… They are just that smart.

  • I remember seeing this mid last year. It was kind of the point where I really started questioning things more. I am not sure if this was intentional or not but if it wasn’t… How in the heck does this happen!?

  • This is a short one but I enjoyed it. Not so much of a documentary as the norm but a good watch none the less!

  • Not sure if anyone knows about this group. I joined because of things like this. They fascinate me. I am not too deep in conspiracies but the last few years I have been reading more and more about some of them like this one for example.

    Anyways… What are your thoughts on Cicada 3301? Are they a…[Read more]

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