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The Anti-Christ

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    What are your beliefs about the Anti-Christ. According to Christians mainly, the anti-Christ is yet to come but what if it’s already here? Do you believe it’s a being or a movement? I believe it could be a movement which exists already and the followers will become those of the person which will come to destroy the world.

    What are your thoughts?

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    Dave Gellar

    Many believe he is already here and he is actually a she. I mean I am not entirely 100% on the story and all but it would appear we are nearing an all out blow out with people. Each year it seems more and more people are reduced to hate. I think once it gets to a point where people are so divided, he/she will step up and be the “savior” who essentially starts the end of the world.

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    Sam P.

    I actually just seen something about this on Facebook! Some woman was going off on Hillary being the anti-christ. I find it funny how people thing that someone like this HAS to be in the US. Why can’t it be elsewhere?

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