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    James Calvin

    I have an uncle who is in the Freemasonry. I never really understood what it was about but when I did some digging, I was blown away.

    It seems they have a hold over laws and government ruling, like a smaller sector of the Illuminati. Every state seemingly had Freemasonry lodges and gatherings which makes it even weirder. What are your thoughts on the Freemasonry? Are they dangerous or something not even worth worrying about?

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    Dave Gellar

    They are basically state to state bound these days. They have power but in smaller affairs. I don’t really consider them a threat anymore from a worldly aspect but that don’t mean they are safe to be friends with either.

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    Sam P.

    I remember hearing about them a few times but never cared to understand who they are. I am curious now, I must admit. Just based on them once having power makes me question what changed or what they could have done to become less powerful in state and government affairs.

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