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Just feel like I need to TESTIFY. I got in trouble at work for letting an inmate use my cell phone and some more stuff that i dont want to get into. So they had a meeting with the mayor and council and gave me 2 weeks off work without pay. "i work for the city of Satsuma". I didnt work for the first week. I went to work with a good friend of mine Allen Still on a boat catching flounder. It was hard work but it was kinda fun at the same time. We went out that night and put the net in the water then we went to sleep on the boat. We had been praying a blessing, that God would come through in a major way. Too make a long story short we caught 1230 lbs of fish! He said the average amount of fish he would catch a night was 200 lbs. I made more money in one night than i make working for the city ...

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