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Explaining Vibrational Dimensions And The Beings That Live On Them | Gregg Prescott of IN5D

Have you ever seen a shadow out of the corner of your eye or felt like someone was standing behind you watching and when you turn around no one was there? Or maybe they were! In this episode TruthSeekah speaks with Gregg Prescott about different vibrational dimensions, the beings that live on them and how they affect out reality. Can they contact us? Can we contact them? Should we contact them? And everything in between. We will be live in the chat room and taking your calls and questions on air so join us every week on the Mythicist Podcast! Gregg Prescott is the founder of In5D.com which is a spiritual, esoteric and metaphysical database and online blog. Gregg is also the host of IN5D Radio. His show airs on Monday nights. An open-line show dedicated to helping you grow in your spiritual...

Opening The Third Eye Pineal Gland + Meditation Tutorials And Techniques | Mythicist.me

The third eye is how we are able to see into the spirit realm and peer beyond the veil of reality as we know it. Third eye isn't closed or "has never been opened" but we simply forgot how to use it. There are practices that help us to stimulate our third eye and in a sense remember how to see again. These practices will help guide you into the trance state which makes us more sensitive to other dimensions by stimulating our extra sensory perception. These techniques and daily practices can be done to help strengthen our third eye for better vision and clarity. The third eye acts as a muscle, it must be trained and conditioned. An open-line show dedicated to helping you grow in your spiritual awakening and your intellectual conscious thought process. Join us as we bring out esoteric oversta...

Alien Contactee Interview Solreta Antaria

Solreta is a caring compassionate clairvoyant born with natural psychic ability, she has seen & felt spirit from a very young age. Working from the heart Solreta cleanses & sets up a clear safe space before each reading. Solreta tunes into positive messages & guidance helping to shed light on your life path, bringing forth various directions & opportunity life has on offer for us. Delivering messages from spirit, working with Angels, Ascended Masters Et's & Spirit guides. Solreta brings messages of guidance & wisdom. Solreta has also studied Kinesiology, Reiki, Crystal dreaming and Hypnotherapy. She now works in her own practice doing both Psychic readings & Kinesiology (combination of Chiropractic & Chinese medicine) specialising in reducing stress, allergi...

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